Improving Your Commercial Truck's Fuel Economy

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For a commercial driver or business that has a large commercial fleet, managing the fuel costs of these vehicles can be critical for keeping the operating costs as low as possible. However, there are many basic steps that individuals may fail to take with effectively reducing their vehicle's fuel usage.

Use A Fuel Service Provider That Is Designed For Commercial Drivers

The diesel depot that you choose to use for your vehicle or your company's fleet can be a critical factor in determining your fuel expenses. There are many diesel fuel providers that can offer special discounts or other benefits to commercial drivers. By utilizing these services whenever possible, you may be able to significantly reduce the total expenses that are incurred by driving these trucks over long distances. Reach out to the diesel depots in your area to learn about their commercial options.

Perform Routine Maintenance On The Vehicle

Routine maintenance can help to reduce the amount of fuel that the vehicle consumes while driving. In particular, changing the fuel filters and the engine's air filter can be important for maximizing the efficiency of the engine while it is burning fuel. When the fuel filter is allowed to go too long without being changed, it can become coated in impurities and sediments, which can reduce the amount of fuel that is being provided to the engine. Additionally, this can also be a problem with the air filter. The engine will need ample amounts of air in order to ignite the fuel, and clogged air filters can reduce the air intake enough to reduce the power that the engine is generating. This can also leave excessive residue in the engine, which can lead to further performance problems.

Act When The Fuel Usage Of The Vehicle Suddenly Changes

For a well-functioning commercial vehicle, the amount of fuel that it consumes should largely be stable and predictable. While there can be some fluctuations based on the weight of the cargo that is being moved, it should largely remain stable. If you notice that the fuel usage of your commercial truck suddenly changes dramatically, this most likely indicates that there is a serious performance problem or mechanical malfunction with the vehicle that may require urgent repairs to avoid contributing to a breakdown. Unfortunately, many drivers and businesses may fail to track their vehicle's fuel economy well enough to recognize that this problem is occurring until it is too late. Tracking your miles driven between refuelings can be the easiest way to be able to spot this warning sign of a problem.


7 April 2021

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