Should You DIY Your Solar Installation?

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If you're planning on going solar, either for your whole household or just small scale, you've probably been wondering if you can, or should, do it yourself. Solar panels are expensive, and you likely believe that they are worth the investment but are thinking about perhaps saving money on the installation fees.

Nobody can make that decision for you, but here's some information that may help you make that decision. 

Store-Bought Kits Are Mostly For Going Off-Grid

Most of the kits for installing solar power you can buy at major hardware stores are intended for going entirely off-grid. It's less complicated to build a solar system that doesn't integrate with the power coming from your electric company. You probably aren't going off-grid. (If you are, good luck! It can be a difficult lifestyle, but many find it deeply rewarding.) These kits are largely intended for DIY projects and come in many different sizes, which means you can use them to power smaller projects. Maybe you want electricity to run in your shed for power tools but don't want to run the lines, maybe you want to power an RV with solar or maybe you have some other really cool project you want to set up. It might be a really interesting and fun way to experiment with setting up and maintaining a solar power system without having to worry about if your fridge is going to keep working. 

Installers Can Get the Good Stuff

If you're trying to run your house partially or largely off of solar power, you may have balked when you saw what the cost of installation might look like when added on top of the cost of equipment. That's understandable; it's a big home expense, and you want to take your time and think it all through. But it's worth knowing that installers generally will have access to solar panels that you can't get through your standard retailers. These are manufactured and sold with the intent that they would be in the hands of installers who are trained and experienced in putting them together. In fact, many websites often recommend you check with different installers to find who can install the type of panels you want because they won't all have everything. Even if you did get your hands on the good stuff, in most cases, the warranty that comes with it is null and void if you install it yourself. 

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26 May 2020

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